Thursday, 12 May 2011


... of the week is so close to Friday that in itself it holds a need for celebration. It has always been referred by me as "daybeforefridayday" and with the spring like weather I'm having nostalgic moments dreaming of English summer grass. Mowed and dry and having grass fights and building birds nest at a tender age on the school field.

This theme is apparent in the plimsolls that adorn my feet on my walk to work - £2 bargains from school uniform shops have been my bread and butter of comfortable walking shoes for years.

And though my childhood happiness was more dig up the garden and rummage through boot sales with ma, a Barbie is still a Barbie unless it's a Cindy or Eliza Cummings in sky blue satin and a Geri Halliwell red styled wig like featured above from Vogue Italia.


Primary school P.E. (hopping over benches and horses) was a real joy and those JW Anderson shoes found on the SHOWstudio blog remind me of primary days spent frolicking around doing a rolly polly with bright coloured headbands dotted around the playground.

Fashion wise sat at my desk donning chinos, a tweed blazer and primary yellow vest I'm almost certain that this representation of English childhood and schooling is something I will be investigating more regularly.

It is indeed seen in almost every styled look in circulation. Case in point the socks and shoes combo every schoolgirl in England will have definitely taken part in as part of the rigour and joy (depending which side your one) of school uniform. Never mind the Alexa bombardment over the last few years as a sign of the English school tradition invasion. So although fashion has gone grown up with sleek sophistication and fetish elements seen all over AW11 (think Mr. Jacobs) for those yearning an anecdote maybe childhood nostalgia is just the ticket.

And so these dreaming moments of mine are just fine.

Happy Thursday daydreaming.


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