Saturday, 18 September 2010


Images courtesy of Vogue.

So SS11 is now in full swing, of course in the fashion sense only. Unless. You are the lucky so and so’s that live in near perfect climates like Seychelles, Goa, Brazil etc. In which case summer never actually leaves. Lucky buggers.

But anyhow. This week has seen Bryant Park transform itself with the help of stylists, designers, models, a bit of magic into a fashion emporium for the next few days or so. And it has swept all thoughts of winter out of my mind (for now at last) as I revel in the glory of what fashion will be doing next SS.

My style predictions. Colour. Patterned Print. Asymmetry. High Waist Lines. And did I mention colour and patterned print? Yes? Well there it is again. Ooh and textural juxtapositions. Now, look who’s being all fancy. Basically mixing up your materials Chiquita’s. Think leather over silk with metal jewellery. Tweed thrown in with suede and a touch of plastic. Or cupcakes on a pizza washed down with pepsi cola … too far?

Now asymmetry was something I was thinking about long before NYFW kicked off and looks like me and Alexander Wang were thinking of the same thing. So think that’s one fashion point to me.

Also rating high on my showmometer is 3.1 Phillip Lim. The blue accents made me want to plant a garden full on bluebell bulbs in anticipation for SS11. In fact I think I very well might. Rodarte. Took the countryside, turned it around, shook it upside down, added some sparkle in the way of golden hues of country file (does anyone else watch that programme other than me?) and out came a collection that grabbed me by the who ha’s.

Also and this is a much needed also, goodbye mini skirt. Hahaha. And about time too. Although if you are an Essex girl I’m sure you won’t care to know that the length of our skirts is heading south. But never mind nothing a few cheeky Barcadi Breezers can’t fix and voila, bish, bash, bosh the hemline will once again rise north.

I apologise. That was totally uncalled for. Very true though. I should know … I’m from Essex : O … Ar knowwww oo woulda fought it, ay!

My favourite show of the week … Proenza Schouler … hands on down. Elegent flashes of the sheer meets the tweed. The young flirting with the old school. Just proper, tidy!

It’s all about glam. Sha bam bam baby. Did I just say that?

Sorry. So my final words from NY.

No more overt sexiness … it’s all about “I’m a lady don’t you know!” at NY.


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