Monday, 20 September 2010


These past two weeks while working off Clerkenwell Road I have had to pass the Head Office for the late McQueen on my way into BDP and each day I dream of one day walking into that very building for work. Alas, one can but only dream.

It feels strange to know that once upon a time he himself would have walked this route into his HQ and as I was intending to go to his memorial that took place today and pay some respect to a man who really was a genius, I feel a posting would only seem appropriate.

Both in his ability to create magic but also in the journey who took us on during each and every presentation and catwalk show - it is truly an understatement to say he was a genius. The vision, ingenuity and showmanship is something that woke fashion up, spun it around and gave us a bountiful and generous dallop of English cheek that to compare the hit to opium would be some what of another understatement.

Befitting, though that I in not being able to attend the crowd that will/has turned out, I am able to see how his kingdom is continuing to beaver away to carry on the legacy on my way into work.
And more befitting was the turnout of not just the industries key players but true friends to the late great. It goes without saying that it will be a while before someone causes the sort of storm that McQueen brought to fashion but hopefully this LFW we can remember that London is truly where the geniuses are hidden.


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