Saturday, 18 September 2010


1.I can’t pronounce honest.
2.I cringe over everything.
3.I hate okra.
4.I’m teaching myself French.
5.I have an innate fear of slugs and snails (slugs being the number one killer). I even walk in the middle on the road when the sun goes down so I don’t have to encounter one.
6.When I was little I used to eat sand. Even now I have urges to cop a handful when walking past a building site.
7.My best friend was the first person I spoke to in secondary school and we’re still best friends 12 years later.
8.I have a Godson and he is the most beautiful thing ever, which is just as well as his Mom is my best friend.
9.I originate from a tiny village in Uganda called Gulu. You may have seen it on Children in Need, Comic Relief, Fall Out Boy “I’m Like a Lawyer” video. Those last bits are not jokes, as funny as they sound.
10.I have developed such a fear of dentists I have pulled a tooth out with eyebrow tweezers (I say tooth but only 75% of the bugger came out, the other 25% is still lodged back there)
11.Nothing annoys me more than ignorance and rudeness.
12.I’ve had two near death experiences.
13.I hate pairs and like things in odd numbers
14.I have a thing for moustaches
15.I have elected to become celibate until marriage
16.As a child I wanted to be the following things in no particular order, stripper, astronaut, fashion designer and fireman.
17.I cannot stand Marc Jacobs. Or his designs.
18.I would never chose a bloke over a friend
19.But I have had a friend chose a bloke over me
20.I cry at every
21.Except things that I should cry about.
22.I read the Bible every day and go to Church every Sunday. Can you tell I love God? (although there are a few times a year when I cannot)
23.I’m having to make this list up to 25 because I got the heeby jeebies about ending it at 22.
24.I can’t sleep unless the TV is on and the curtains are NOT drawn. In fact my room doesn’t even have curtains now.
25.During my life I have had/have 15 piercings (16 if you include the belly button self piercing fiasco at the age of 14) and 4 tattoos.


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