Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Is my new vintage fashion project under the alias Olive Birdcage.

"Selling sex hot vintage fashion without the super fat price tag, each item has been sourced for its unique identity and ability to turn heads and we hope something from Olive's Birdcage will soon be flying its way over to you"

That's my business vision or something there of.

Obvs I've started with humble beginnings on la eBay but to build a mansion you gotta start of with a single brick.

Check if it lives up to the vision at ...

I've already made me £27.08

Wicked that ints it.

If you like what you see make some bids and if not send me a message with what you're after pay me some quids and I'll hunt it down for you, even if it is a t-shirt made of squids or trainers with pictures of kids.


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