Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Yes I know it's like Birmingham ... again. But it's pucker tho ... honest!

So Friday saw the First Light Digital Documenters team head up and in some cases across and down to Birmingham, Aston University. That is we all come from right across the United of Kingdom, hmm. But anyhow we spent the weekend being trained by real life Film Producers and Directors and even had a session with award winning documentary maker Mandy Chang.

It as a funny, informative and interesting weekend where I realised I am not good with filming, so I stuck to taking photographs for my team and generally frolicking around making sure people were happy I think 'moral booster' was my unofficial job title on the film making days.

We happened to squeeze in some drinking and dancing hours into the mix. Including watering holes with names such as Sacks of Potatoes which for all the parcularity of the regulars sold apple vodka and lemonade for 99PENCE which in itself is reason for Sacks of Potatoes to deserve my favourite pub of the week award.

In search of a little dance we headed off into Birmingham town and after decreeing the underground raves of Rainbow Courtyard too expensive. 10GBp for crying out loud, do you know how many Kinder Bueno's I can get with that? Yes, a lot! - we headed to Broad Street. Which is like an eposide of Brits on Holiday or Essex Nights or actually just as the beautiful picture the even more beautiful Suzee, one of the Manchester crew, took exactly the sort of place we all love to hate or hate to love as the case proved to be.

We also enjoyed breakfast, lunch and dinner together which proved to be the biggest bonding experience of the whole weekend. Nothing like fighting your way to the dessert table to bring a group of people together. You know my cheesecake loving ways proved to be handy here. But alas, the cheesecake was make of ANGEL DELIGHT? Still ate it though.

And the rooms we had were truly bigballs. I even took a picture to prove it. Although waking up to watch Bruce Willis in dodgy 90s film did shock me but that's not the University's fault more BBC's late nate programming. But all is not lost though, during the 47 seconds I managed to watch I saw one pretty nice moustache. Check it and rate it.

So that ladies, cats, dogs and gentlemen is the third Birmingham installment in the last two months. Sweet.


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