Tuesday, 21 September 2010


If you have read some (okay one) of my older postS you will know that Mr Kane ranks highly on my ‘ometor’ (I couldn’t bring my self to use fashionometor).

SS11 saw him or more precisely the models parade a sea of sprightly colours, seemingly awakening the twin set and variations therefore. Ladylike yes. With a kiss ass colour hit, fat yes.

Neons in varying degrees of depth woke up a crowd which I’m sure needed no awakening to the idea that clothes perhaps destined for the older lady can well be colourfully right for us all. Reminding me of the sweet joy of Bassett All Sorts – a definite British classic but with the spark in colour and depth that makes it THE original sweet.

Then come … prints and pattern baby. And piped and edged with solid neon fabric it was a match made in Christopher heaven. Obviously granny chic was something we meddled with a while back but as Kane so rightly shows us no one can take an idea and toss it in the air and give it a punch to make us all want it like he can.

Images courtesy of Vogue.

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