Saturday, 18 September 2010


My laptop has caught charger AIDs and I am unable to charge the bleeding thing and I never, ever go on the downstairs computer but alas I have been forced to come on down.

However, not all is lost, as I am posting about a var exciting little thing that took place on Wednesday.

This Wednesday gone, also known as the 8th of September saw the Vogue Fashion Night Out take place over our lovely London streets. The aim of the night is to open up the retail opportunities of London fashion to the mass thus increasing the economic weight of both the high street and the designer and in turn giving fashion a larger platform in our UK economy. Considering the dire state of affairs maybe fashion can help plug the sink that is draining us into increasingly spiralling amounts of personal and national debt. But enough of all the serious jizz … FNO saw stores laying on free drinks, DJs, goody bags, celebrity PAs and a chance for all to become engrossed in UK fashion even if only for a night. With Stella McCartney having Stella cupcakes, Daisy Lowe mingling with the crowd at Biba, House of Fraser, Giorgio Armani playing up to the cameras at his Armani store Party or sinking a free glass of bubbly at Coast it all equalled the same thing … FUN. And copious amounts of it at that. I however took a route to Biba to check out their relaunch collection for 2010 and then jetted off down to New Bond Street where I was ‘spose to pop into Mulberry but got side tracked by Claudia Schiffer strolling across the street. Err, what the egg. So following the scent I headed over to the Armani party, where I tried to waltz into the proceedings, I got as far as the lobby where I hung around for fifteen sweet minutes before my cover was blown. Not all is lost though I did manage to blag a spot in the press pit and chatted with the sweet paparazzi guys. I love the banter of working men.

Anyhoo my attempts at being a pap are shown above and judging from these the men I was with have no reason to worry about their jobs. News of the World will not be calling me anytime soon.

Now let’s play a little game of “who is this Sophie has attempted to take a picture of?” In the mix we have Daisy Lowe, Mr Armani, Natalia Vodianoka, Tallulah Adeyemi, Amber Le Bon and Amy Molyneux.

Some other things I quickly learnt,

1. I need a better camera if I am to attend more fashion events and blog them to you more professionally. My little Argos buy crumbled under the flash bulbs of it’s bigger and better cousins.
2. Everyone in fashion (or at least at the Armani party) is either skinny or fabulous (99.999% are both)
3. Natalia Vodianoka is the most gorgeous thing I have seen in my whole entire life
4. Everyone in fashion (or at least at the Armani party) can walk in sky high heels
5. If you know the right people you can waltz straight through into a fashion party with just an air kiss
5. Fashion is definitely where I belong

Those my fine friends are the main six points I learnt and from them I have given birth to six action points to make them happens

1. I am going to put all my change, notes and coins, into a huge glass bottle and once it reaches camera buying point, break the damn thing and purchase myself a bigger, badder and better SLR than the one I’m currently wielding.
2. I am officially back on my ‘no junk cos it goes to your trunk’ diet and am running every other day for a minimum of thirty minutes.
3. Well no action really needed on my part here I’m sure Natalia can handle being as beautiful as she is without my help
4. I am going to wear heels (starting off with little court heels) whenever I get a temp job so that one day I can wear heels further than my bedroom door.
5. My fat ass is going to schmooze and get on down to more fashion events, parties etc, even if it means going solo. I’ve gone to three now and each by myself and not felt awkward of nothings.
6. And by actioning all these actions and acing my BA, BTEC and then MA with flying colours.

So if you didn’t make it this year, come on down in 2011 where I’m more than certain the outing will be an even more glamorous success.

For details of the night and professional pictures check out


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