Tuesday, 23 November 2010


A short while back I eluded to the fact that some of my blog posts are inspired by what I see and hear from others and Tobi is one of my main fashion hotspots supplies. In life it is a blessing to be able to learn and become informed by others. Woes betide the fool who does not seek to find.

For as soon as she found out about Google Boutiques she emailed me to share the news. However, me being me (only God knows why and how I lasted in admin for so long) didn’t pick up the email so instead had the delight of Tobi showing me when I went into the BDP offices Friday gone.

So what is my verdict? Well I ‘spose it’s convenient to have a host of choices picked out for me based on my preferences (call it personal shopping Google style) but sometimes my best outfits are a direct result of me riffling across the net and picking up bits and pieces from everywhere and sometimes these bits and pieces are items that have no relation to my personal style preferences at all.

The idea is by filtering out and, in some cases, in what you really want, Google are able to show you items which correspond to your style. They even give certain preferences names like Romantic/Boho yada yada. But where does this leave those of us that hate being pigeon holed? The follow option of course. Boutiques doesn’t just allow for style generation and shopping it gives its users the opportunity to follow ‘celebs ‘(hmm? are you sure) and fashion bloggers to see what Google cooks up for them. Now this I see as a potentially worthwhile tool not because I’d want to copy the look of any one person let alone a ‘celeb’ but I’m a nosey mofo and it would be interesting to see what my favourite bloggers are chosen (namely Ms Bubble).

I guess we’ll see how it all takes off but for now I’ll be a spectator as opposed to a participator mainly because seeing virtual racks upon racks of designer goodies make my eyes cry a little bit of blood.

See what you make of Boutiques .

What would be interesting to see is whether online sales for any brands increase as a result of Boutiques.


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