Sunday, 21 November 2010


Did I tell you I stayed in this weekend. Well by in I mean I spent the weekend with my beautiful, bountifully loving family of nutters and me and my nut farm went out for a Friday night spent with Harry Potter to watch the new installment in Warner Bros cash cow.

Now I'm not that much of a sucker to not understand that Harry Potter is one huge money fest for many companies but I've been seeing these films for the past 10 years and as my French man friend pointed out it's part of my childhood.

I haven't read the Deathly Hallows yet and I'm not going to until I've watched that last film. Why? Because watching the film after the book bites. I remember as a child reading The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe and finding it such a literally adventure that I proceeded to obtain every book in the series and fall further in love. Then when I watched the film - like premature ejaculation - very disappointing. So I don't fancy coming early again thank you.

Moving on swiftly. I also cooked a feast for my entire family of all their favourite treats and it was a very special and lovely dinner.

So this week take a moment to spend some time with your family. Even if it's dropping them a text, an email, a suprise visit or just reliving a funny family memory in your head - it all counts.

And with this in mind I'm sending buckets of love to you all. Peace and happiness to all my readers and fellow bloggers.

Now enough with the mush. Here's some shit that'll get you hard this coming week.
  1. Fancy a slice of Paris but not heading there anytime soon, make Paris come to you with a virtual trip to Colette. And whatever your budget I can bet my bottom dollar (and seeing as that's all I've got left you know I'm serious) you'll find something. I found these pretty LA PIÈCE x MASOMENOS for a bargainous £8.55 - which has my tatty brown tweed blazer waiting patiently for them.
  2. 400 Women is a hard hitting, think tank of an art kind by artist Tamsyn Challenger that is showing in Shoreditch Town Hall until the 28th and is genuinely a must see for me this week.
  3. Lanvin for H&M in stores this Tuesday 23rd - ready?


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