Tuesday, 23 November 2010


How many times have you felt uncomfortable with how close that dude it standing next to you? How many times have you been out wanting to enjoy a night on the dancefloor, when that dude grabs your bum? How many times will we have to go through this before we see it’s just not on. Hopefully with the help of Hollaback LDN we will soon see that a) it ain’t just you sweety and b) we gotta start shouting out.

And judging from their first meeting (photo by Sonny Malhotra) held on October 8 at WAH it looks like I'm gonna be heading down to meet the Hollaback crew soon cos' these ladies look like they mean business. Boom. Let's do it people.

Let me tell you a story. True in every word I must add. Once I was out in Camden with a friend and after losing half our group in Oxford Circus we were in the queue to get into Underworld just the two of us (both females), nothing too far out, but let’s continue. Two nasty looking young men came over and tried to holla at us and not that I don’t like the younger man but when you do what he did you know I ain’t game. But I digress the boys proceeded to touch my bum to which I told him to “get the funk back” and then annoyed at my rebuff he whipped out his teeny tiny excuse for a ... oh yes he really went that far. I then descended in a torrent of abuse that would have your gran turn in her grave and for some reason he weren’t so keen when I called him a wasteman et al. Seriously though what a mong. I'll decide when and how I get my bum touched and/or see your bits thank you.

Why he felt he could just do that is what disturbs me the most and the fact that I know that so many other girls and women have experienced these sort of incidents, some more disturbing and some far less – what is true of it all it is we ain’t having it no more. Whether launching into a verbal putdown or sharing on the ingenious website that is Hollaback LDN it’s high time we put these ‘men’ to shame.

That’s all.

Now your turn to HOLLABACK



  1. Nice work! A sea change has begun.