Tuesday, 23 November 2010


The lovely and talented Gemma sent me a heads up to an event taking place weekend after next at the Design Museum and me and the Fujifilm will be skipping along to check it all out. I mean I heard the words Sketchbook (one of her mega parents [employers] in illustrative design) and Richard Nicholl and knew this would be something I’ll hate myself for if I miss. And if you don't wanna hate yourself too put in some overtime here.

It also goes without saying that Gemma is a very motherfunking sharp illustrator and hopefully I’ll bombard her with Facebook messages asking her to give me an interview to go on here.

That’d be our very first interview which is all rather grand seeing as not long ago we made our 1000th peep.

In the meantime support her by checking out her blog and commissioning her to work on your projects here.


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