Thursday, 4 November 2010


Word on the street is that celebrity fashion lines are naf. Talking of naf, anyone remember naf naf sweatshirts. Oh I loved mine but nothing beats my obsession with fruit of the loom. Ah sweet memoirs.


So yes where was we, celebrity lines. Mary-Kate and Ashley are behind many global branding opportunities and I'm sure whole archives of their products are sitting gathering dust somewhere.

Howevs. While surfing through Dazed online (gotta say after my first few visits I'm now in lar-huv with the new 'take a gander and get lost' layout, it seriously is an online tardis of the best kind) I stumbled across this interview with the Olsen sisters. And then proceeded to check out their latest collection (available at Net-a-Porter).

Very simple. Very clean. Very MK & A. I hold judgement on the collection until I see what 'their' pretty little hands cook up next. But for now I'm loving the Kitrell silk and wool-blend coat.


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