Thursday, 11 November 2010


I am in lahoove with Miss Vivienne Westwood. No seriously ... lahooooooove!

And the new website for my Queen is heavenly. Ethical messages are hidden all around the gaff, resulting in a supreme game of hide and seek. See if you can spot the message in image duex. Bright colours make no lack of appearance (we all know my love of them. No? Remember? Good!) And the online shop. And the ad campaigns are back drops. Sweet love.

If you dig her as I do (although I doubt that is humanly possible) take a gander at VW HQ and get lost. Neverland style.

Ooh and in the run up to Christmas, again if the family are in ... how about those Sex and the City shoes, ay? Pow! You know I would look great plodding to Mass on Christmas morning in these. Not sure if Father Stephen would quite understand the gravitas of them but it sure would make Father John smile.


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