Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Photography is one area of fashion that I’ve always marvelled upon. But not just fashion as the blog suggests - I am a respectful spectator of ALL photography. New and old, the whole darn lot. Stemming perhaps from my distinct lack of photographic skills the camera has the ability to capture an idea, a story, a memory and a feeling (sometimes all in one go) and with the right photographer an outfit can be elevated to be all of these things.

I’m constantly arriving upon photos which I love and sharing them here even if perhaps they are very suited to my tastes alone.

However, feast your beady little eyes on Pierre Dal Corso. Parisian based meaning uncouthly attractive and a higher obsession factor guaranteed in my books; you just know this is my sort of thing.


He makes the colours sing and the flesh tingle. The clothes dance and the models fly. Shit how funking cheesy did that sound? Massively I know but it’s as honest as I can be, Wait does that mean deep down I’m a true cheeseball? Actually don’t answer that – sometimes, just sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Truly a talent that needs to be appreciated.


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