Monday, 2 August 2010


During usual mindless Facebook trawling I stumbled across an ad to create my own dream horse. Like what the egg?! That is near enough exactly the sort of surreal proposition my little pea of a brain loves.

Then I started thinking more deeply about the subject and how would I like my dream horse to be like? how would he move? what would he do for a living (would he be a police horse or one-a dem crazy wild horses or a show pony mayve?) and what colour would he be.
Ahh so now I'm uber confused by all these questions and my brain went into dream horse overdrive. Naaaay! I do wish I could make a convincing horse sound though ... such a skill. So I decided this was too much for me to take and I decided my dream horse would somehow combine all of these horses, which for the record are my favourite horses. In no particular order we have ...

  1. My Little Pony
  2. Black Beauty
  3. A Pantomime Horse
  4. A Show Horse
  5. The Legend of Crazy Horse (this gem of a find was purely accidental when I typed in crazy horse as I liked the idea of my dream horse being crazy. Low and behold this indigenous Native American tribe and one of their legends 'Crazy Horse' turned up top of Google image results. Me liked it so much I thought what the eggy horse might as well throw this into my horse blender)
  6. The colour changing horse from Wizard of Oz

And that my people is my dream horse or at least if I was baking him these would be the ingredients I'd throw into the bowl. I was gonna throw Trojan in there but I discovered I don't really like him too tough. I mean he's all wooden and big and well woody and if a unicorn can't make it cos it's not really a horse then there was no ways Trojan and his barky self was getting on here.

What would your favourite horse be like?


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