Monday, 2 August 2010


So we all know Nike lets you play the role of designer with their much acclaimed Nike ID range well with Converse you can do this too ... yay! Although they can't actually deliver your creations to you ... nay! Unless of course you live in the United States of the Americas.

But half the fun is designing anyways so if you got some time to kill why not kill it in the designer hotseat at Converse.

I did and came up with these eggcellent themed beauts, the black representing mumma's frying pan - don't ever say I don't know how to realise a fashion story! Pah.

Give it a spin at and while you're there like how amaze-balls are the Dr.Seuss Chucks. We at eggy HQ want a pair to put in a glass case and pop on our tv like the fine collectible ornament we think it is.


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