Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I'm bored. I'm doing reception today at a very big international company and me and the other lovely temp are bored as the morning rush has finished. She is on the www. shopping. I am on the www. blog surfing.

Low and behold my surfing has produced some fine fruit. Through the vines of the fashion bomb blog I have found a shopping website I have not heard of! Is this possible? Yes it seems. So the website is an United States of the Americas site called The name in itself gives you an soundbite of what to expect. As with many US of A sites I'm usually distraught after trawling through the site and filling up my on-line trolley that they do not in fact ship to the shores of the United Kingdom so I was presently suprised to find this site does. Lots of hip-hop trinkets to keep me pleased.

And my fetish and thirst for accessories was suitably quenched in this porn fest of shiny, shiny things. I'm like a pirate and a magpie sort of a pirpie so to speak or a magate but either way my lovey of shiny, shiny trinkets will never go away. NEVER!

I lust for all of the above. I mean look at the neon plastic and metal - aeroplane two finger ring! Argh! I've got a new website crush. Hello sexy baby!

Shit! Crazy, boss lady is coming gotta go!
Until next time my fine friends.


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