Sunday, 8 August 2010


No don't worry my pretty people Pret are not launching a range of Spicy Falafel Melt related fashion. Here at Fried Eggs HQ we have stumbled upon which is the online version of Portobello market.

Now I won't lie nothing beats the genuine joy of rummaging through markets. The hustle and bustle of the wide and beaming spectrum of people there. The marketers banter. And the joy of finding a rare jewel amongst the treasure.

Now me and the beautiful Brenda (more of which in my Tuesday Birmingham post) were saying we haven't been to Portobella in yonks.

I remember my first time var well (2003). Me and my then* Sierre Leonian friend Andrew were studying fashion and Andrew wanted to buy fur to trim his suede skirt with so we hopped on down and my friends I fell in love with the market. Subsequent visits followed. But alas I haven't paid Mr Portobello Market a well earned visit for too long.

I will be doing so soon and will spoil you with pictures of the adventures and the finds we come across. In the meantime here are some little trinkets I found on their online version of the market. Some vintage. Some new. ALL utterly wowzers.

*we broke up over a 20 box of his mum's imported Silk Cuts and Mary J Blige. Isn't this how most relationships come to a bitter end.


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