Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Cor blimey geezer mate I'm proper feeling the blogging vibe today innit! So I thought I'd do me a wee lil post on some of the songs tickling my ears at ze moment.
  1. Lykke Li - Dance. Dance. Dance
  2. Foals - Big, Big Love Fig. 2

  3. The xx - Islands
  4. Stevie Wonder - Living for the City
  5. Koffi Olomide - Loi

  6. Mobb Deep - Got It Twisted

So yes this is what is delighting my ears at present. But while I'm on this blog roll here's SIX other things that delight me, in a manner of different ways ...

  1. GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer - easily the best primer out there at a respectable £13 from Superdrug
  2. Barry M Lipstick - I have worn this shade for literally years and gave it a rest when it become a little bit too rinsed but people have started to forget about it now, so it's safe for me to start wearing it again. Cool tsatsiki. Around 4 quids from Topshop, Boots or Superdrug.
  3. Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Aloe Vera Foam Wash - I didn't really want to tell you about this as it is such a beauty saviour that I had to struggle to share it with you (sorry my beauts I blame this on not having eggs for breakfast this morning). But mumma always taught me to share so felt quite compelled to listen. She is always right after all. £2.99 from Boots (well duh me for stating the obvious). That's all I'm saying on this one I'll let the product do the rest.
  4. Rubbish - la magazine that is. So in love with their silliness that it makes me giddy. I am solidly an ambassador for all things in the land of the silly. In fact it is probably one of the only prerequisites that future husband must have.

  5. Carven - the French luxury label which sowed its fashion seeds to sprout in 1945 are back and throwing one heavy high end punch. With Guillaume Henry now at its realm the label describes itself as 'fresh, lively and elegent'. Like take this jacket. AW10 personified. And I want it on my ever expanding back (I really need to start running again the rapid weight gain is not being shy at all at making friends with me). Camel tones. Check. Clean elegant lines. Check. Styled with skinny belt cinching in waist. Check. Total love forever. Check.

  6. Moustaches - did you think it was Tom Selleck for a moment then? Did you? You did didn't you. Well as much as I love the Selleck, moustaches pip him to the post. I love moustaches in all their varying degrees of complexity. From the very faint and simple to the groomed and super styled handle bars. I love them all. I love them, as equally as I love me fried eggs. From time to time I shall be regaling in some moustache posting and I just hope that your kind selves will not think any less of me for this somewhat obsessive and addictive love of the hair upon the upper lip. I've even been moustache hunting before. That is prowling around festivals, art galleries, bars and clubs looking for a moustache to call my own. It's so well known that my closest friends (well I only really have two friends so it's not that hard) can even spot a good moustache for me now. So appropriate time to thank Ladies B & K for all their continued support in my mission for Mr Moustache.

NOTE: Crazy boss lady came back so I can't reorder the images to match the bullet points hopefully you can figure out which image relates to which bullet point. If you can't. God help us all.


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