Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Is such a funny word, you drop an 'h' and suddenly it packs one hell of a street punch but anyhoo. I've left a space time lapse these last few days about what has been going down in the world of egg so here's a snippet of a taster.

So after the adventures at Saatchi I went to Birmingham (again) but this timings for my first day as Production Assistant with First Light on their Digital Documenters Project. Which I later found out was now a role as Communications Officer, var exciting change. So watch this space on this project.

What else? Ooh and the weather has been proper unmint like. So in a search for some comfort in the cold check out these amazeballs boots to keep our poor tootsies warm. All of which can be found on our fave www. shopping spot - ASOS. I've been busting this for years but get your bright socks out like a nice neon yellow or pink and wear with these boots for an instant style twist. Promise.

Carvela 140 smackers (£)
Reppeto Mec 310 big ones (£)
55 fish sticks (£)
40 Simon Cowells (£)

I know bit of a patchwork post. But. Felt. I should pull my blogging finger out and flex them writing muscles.


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