Sunday, 1 August 2010


And I think I'm one of them. Well pyschic that is.

Well least when it comes to some fashion stuff and people stuffs. So as it turns out minimalism is making a long awaited return to fashion! For some time the catwalks and then our streets and ultimately us were adorned with excess. There was too much and we didn't know which way to turn so we took it all. Skyscraper heels, slashed leggings, leather studded everything, huge 'it' bags, tiny mini skirts and the rest. Fashion however has decided that the new look is paired down, simple, clean cut and just as delightful and wanted as the excessive looks of previous seasons. Spearheaded by Celine (img2) who really has been so ahead of this one, resting at the finishing line must feel so good, and is well deserved for our Phoebe. Its sister in fashion Chloe has been showing us the sexy, bouncy haired version of this for a while too.

So where does the psychic fit in? Well when asked by my sister what I thought we would be wearing this autumn, last autumn I replied - sheep coats (I think I meant aviator jackets), long (not maxi more calf'-length) skirts and camel coats. ALL of which have been seen in some shape or fine form on the catwalks earlier this year in the AW10/11 shows. From seeing the Burberry aviator jackets (img1) first make their way down the LFW show I knew we had the coat of the winter firmly realised. I then received the email from Burberry with the option to pre-order the beaut and how I wish I could have done so, as seeing it in every publication and Selfridges window display makes my eyes water with love. The skirts at Prada and Louis V showed that the mini is making a bee line for the back seat (for now) and elegance is favoured with sumptuous materials that grace further than the knee. And the two piece suit. Sweet. Clean. Sharp. Seen at Gucci and Bottega Veneta in the shape of terrific trouser suits.
However, if like me you are nervous to put down the baby that is the excess and 'bling' (I have such a hate love relationship with that word) of previous seasons do not be afraid. INSTEAD. Turn to Lanvin (img3) for their take on minimalism with some sparkle with lacebodies, feathers, cave-menesque belts and adornments to take you dutifully through those winter months. It was my show of the 'feels so long ago' AW Paris 10/11 shows. I watched it on FTV (which seems to have disappeared off our Sky tv radar?. Super huge sad face) The collection had a story which could be easily read by even ME. The tribal spy, the femme fatale and the Flintstones sexed up - I had some sure fire girl pee in my pants. And I think this is the look I'm going to be projecting this winter. Accessorize (img4-7) already offering some key well, urm, accessories for this look ranging form 10-20 GBP and available online and in store now. I'll be posting my take on this look closer to the season and will even invest in the bob and fringe hairstyle. Jizz alert from all this talk of Lanvin.

I know it's early but it's rather an appropriate time to start looking at AW10 and saving some pennies for some looks before the high street becomes flooded with their take on the shows. Really, the unwritten rule book does say that even now would be considered late as we must ALWAYS try and be one season ahead. Blah, meh and blah. So here's my fashion nugget... to try and sneak in the looks before the season but while waiting for enough time to gather a real sense of what will be out there aim to hit it late summer, so if you can get your hands on an aviator jacket now and then find a nice crisp summers evening to parade it, then do so. Then when the masses follow suit, you'll have been wearing it for months darling! And they'll all have egg on their beautiful faces.


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