Sunday, 15 August 2010


So after weeks of seeing the fat return to my post holiday body I decided enough was enough this week and I've started running again. Prior to the Benicassim Festival break I was running almost every other day, did yoga, only ate organic dish water etc and I looked good people real good but alas no more. But its hard dawg. I'm not full times employed so I gots me a lot of time to lunch, dinner, snack and eat some more. Both at home and away.

So to keep me going when the fried dumplings, doughnuts and piles of chips come-a-calling I've compiled an album of pretty young thangs to push my fat ass into gear. With A/W practically ringing at our doors bells and the accompanying pies and warm cosy feasts it brings with it might be an idea for me to try and get fit before those early, long and cold winter nights settle in.

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