Tuesday, 17 August 2010


So the other day right? Right! I went to the Saatchi Gall-arrr-ray on my way back from my photography course interview in ze Chelsea's and had a thoroughly, piffingly, jolly good time. The gallery is team contemporary art but I won't pretend I know anything about it as that would be offensive to the hoards of super talented and knowledgeable art people out there but what I can tell you about is my time looking at this said contemporary art. It was fun and thought provoking and interesting and shocking and all the nice things I like about art.

Now don't get me wrong I don't know a lot about art and am not one of those people that can use lots of arty words that confuzzle people like me. All I know is I like looking at things that make my eyes happy. AND even better make my brain think. And I 'spose that's what good art does (or at least for me anyways or at least is supposed to). That is get us all engaged even if you know jack ish about art, artists, art movements ectetera you feel like you can enjoy what you are seeing.

And above are some pictures I took of the wonderful things I loved seeing*

When I can fish out my notes I'll put the jist of the images like the artists name, title of the work and such like up but like I said I gorra fish out the notes from the endless pile of notes I've been collecting lately. Until then if you get a spare min check it out - you'll have a lorra, lorra fun. For info on the gallery and Mr Charles flex you internet muscles at http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/ .


*note - not all galleries are happy with people taking pictures (my younger utterly splendid little sister told me this, of course me being me, was like pah I'll take pictures if I want only to be shamefaced and tutted upon in Whitechapel gallery oopsy) so my friends to avoid you having to face this embarrassment remembers to ask before you pap. Unless of course you knew this from long time and you're thinking well duh Sophie where have you been living, everyone knows you're not allowed to take photographs in art galleries - in which case where have a been living?

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