Sunday, 8 August 2010


Last week I made an overdue date with my friend Sammi. She's utterly gorge. AND uber talented. She's works at Ralph Lauren. Told you she was talented.

So through Lulu Kennedy's rave reviews about Bistrotheque and from hearing their name from their pop up restaurant in Stratford, Olympic Village I knew the setting was right.

And so I fell in love. The food is amazeballs. The design, layout and decor is amazeballs. The service is amazeballs. In fact everything BISTROTHEQUE is amazeballs.

I had the risotto with Parmesan shavings and to die for peas. And it was suitably gorge. Followed by their strawberry cheesecake. Equally gorge (sorry about lack of photographs, taking pictures might blow my cool kid cover).

Tucked behind the streets of Bethnal Green it is both hidden yet very much visible - that is if you know what you are looking for.

They also wander superbly into the world of entertainment, fashion, arts and generally the 'cool' side of London. Proving ever popular with the East London fashion set it's clear after dining there to see why. Surprisingly unpretentious the restaurant serves simple and delicious food. The waiters are friendly, funny and mighty good looking and I'll be taking a few of my finest here on a regular basis. The bar and courtyard were heaving by 8pm and the toilets are decorated with fine samples of artwork and wall doodles, which I did manage to take pictures of. We also bumped well Sammi did anyways, into the man that sells peacock feathers in and around East London. Sammi bought 5 and now I have 1 in my room behind my shoe boxes and pile of Vogue, ID and Dazed. Thanks sweety. I also then bumped into him at Aldgate when I was on my way back from the Museum of London. I felt to say hi to him but I got scared that he might air me. Then I'd have to deal with that issue and I don't like issues unless they are of the magazine variety.
So that was my Bistrotheque timings.

If your around and can find it - pop in my fine friends you won't be disappointed.


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