Thursday, 12 August 2010


Is this the look fashion visionary Marc Jacobs was going for in the new ad campaign for the fashion maestros new fragrance BANG, shot by Juergen Teller.

We know SEX sells (I'm sure the capitalization of the verb itself just there shows this point) but wowzers this is a whole lotta overgreased nekked designer skin. And with a name like BANG was this really necessary - but then I suppose many an anti or well informed fashionista would argue that fashion is generally filled with moments that are not ultimately necessary but definitely memorable. I just hope this isn't remembered for all the wrong reasons.

The crux of commercialism is to sell in mass AND to be accessible to the mass - and one thing it has done is got us talking, surely the nucleus of the successful advertising campaign.

It's so shockingly vulgar it makes you appreciate the fine line between genius and lunatic and how easy it is to slip from one category to another. I'll let you decide which category this falls into.

Suppose it would be fair to smell the darn thing though (the fragrance not Jacobs) and pass judgement on the product. I'll keep you posted.


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