Friday, 27 August 2010


Yes I know you either are peeing ze pants with this or holding your hands in the air in despair. However. Do not be too quick to make an irrational equals from this sum.

Let me explain.

As we know having no job can occasionally (mostly) lead to days spent gaming, interneting and/or Depending on the length of unemployment sometimes we can get all three in the same day. It was while combining the last two that I stumbled across a reality tv programme called Fashion House on 4od. Imagine my delight when I discovered one of the London contestants was our Gareth. If you can not it goes something like ...

:O and then lots of :D

If you are unfamiliar with the work of Gareth he is all for conceptual design and draws influence from fetish, the East London club scene think Boombox etc and merges it all into one heck of a heady high. The show itself isn't the finest of productions but what it gives in way of an insight to a young Mr Pugh and his design aesthetic is simply proper mint. With contestants from France, Sweden, Italy and England battling it out for an opportunity to work for Stella McCartney and guest appearances from Donatella Versace, Valentino and pebble loving Naomi Campbell it does have real credentials. Highlights include overally camp designers Desqaured telling Gareth he should go into theatre(costume design) as he will not make it in fashion*, a behind the scenes look at LFW and an appearance from renown fashion guru ... Melanie Blatt from 90s pop group All Saints???

Either way it's amazing to see Gareth at work and how he approaches the design process and how the judges react to his exciting and truly unique creations.

Check it out at and above is a snip of his ingenious work for AW10/11.


*so Gareth now shows at Paris FW, holds a distinguished title as designer at Versace and his deigns are reveared the world over ... clearly fashion was the one thing Gareth WAS going to make it into. Put that in you camp pipe Dsquared.

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