Sunday, 8 August 2010


Oh my fine friends I have so much I have yet to post. The last week has been a flurry of activity - all nice of course.
There was Bistrotheque. Birmingham. Museum of London. Tate Modern. Whitechapel Gallery. Emma Cook. Bizarre Nights Out. Armani Internship Stuff. IARS Article.

I will be having a posting orgie maybe Tuesday or summin and will make it up to you all with lots of pictures of my adventures. And lots of crazy tales about dangerous sex freaks in Shoreditch and Zombie Proms and Fashion Sales!

The reason my life is even more mental than usual is I have left the building of my photographic portfolio until the last minute (for my interview at Kensington and Chelsea) so I'm having to super speedy gonzalez get it done. I have my images all shot !POW! I just need to trawl through them and decide which ones make it past auditions and then ultimately into the portfolio and then (man this is making me sweat) ...

... mount and label them ups and makes it all pwetty.

I also had to buy a newspaper on the 6.8.10 and then shoot a picture based on a story (I chose the Guardian). So I've got to edit my picture then mount that up too.

Lastly I have to write a 300 word article on a recent photographic exhibition I have been to.


I'm kind of a little shit scared as this will be starting the same time as my Journalism degree and my Production Assistant role is starting next week too! Eek!

Is anyone going to actually see me this next year?

Still it's better to be busy making your dreams come true than be idle wishing you could make your dreams come true.

Go make it happen people! Make your mumma proud!


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