Tuesday, 31 August 2010


So here we finally are at the 31st of this month called August. And I can't believe how quick it has flown by. I feel like so much has happened this month in such a short amount of time that mayve I've skipped a month?

Thursday just gone saw my bestest best friend in the world turn 23. And in order to show her my utmost love for her we went to the RITZ for Afternoon Tea. Ooh suits you Sir! It was just magical. I'm so happy she loved it and here are some piccies from our day.

The rest of the weekend was spent in Leeds and I'm always taken back by how nice every one is up North. London, as much as I love ya, can sometimes get really stuck up its own gorgeous ass. BUT it was right back to London we headed to on Saturday and Sunday for adventures at ...

the bad boy that is CARNIVAL a la NOTTING HILL.

I've had some bad experiences at carnival namely when father daddy-pops papa lost me and my brother at carnival when we were younger. No shitting about ever since then mother mummy-mom mama has kind of banned carnival from having any part of our lives. But behold 2010. This year the bestest persuaded me to go on a float with her and Holy guacamole I'm glad I did. You feel like a superstar for the day and if anything you don't have to hustle and bustle through the crowds and can just have a dance and a real good time. I was with YAA Carnival Group and if you fancy being a rock star or more precisely a soca star for a day. Or two. Why not join them next time. You know you vant to. Check it all out on www.yaacentre.com

Now as good of a time I had I must say I was surprised my the number of primarily 'black' males that were shoved up against walls and frisked :( My favourite tho was the guy who got shoved. poked. and prodded. And then went straight back to dancing by our float :) So here's the message for you young men out there don't have anything on you that you shouldn't have then when you get frisked you can jump straight back into dancing, while annoyed copper looks on in jealousy. Trust me the look on the coppers face was priceless. If everyone that got searched had nothing on them, the police would soon stop searching. Don't give anyone a reason to make you into a statistic.

Social rant over, who's looking forward to September? I know it spells a NEW START. College. Uni. Autumn. etc. So enjoy these last few hours of August before it's time to return to all things Autumn.


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