Tuesday, 10 August 2010


As promised here is the Birmingham post. So early on a Saturday morning (hangover in tow) we headed off to Victoria Coach Station to board the 9.30 coach up North. In we, I mean me and my beautiful cousin Brenda. Here's a little on Brenda. She's uber talented and an uber sweety. Post studying for a degree in Creative Advertising at Camberwell (UofA) she's interned at major advertising agencies and now sells sex hot shoes at Mr Kurt Geiger. But as we speak she's looking for digital and creative advertising roles. So if anyone wants a piece check out her blog Creatively Quirky for how to contact her. And that my fine friends is the ever wonderful Brends.

So off we went gossiping, giggling and having a ball on the coach. We crashed out somewhere along the way and when we woke up we where in Brummy Land! After a quick toilet stop to sort my face out - I looked like a huge steaming pile of mess. All sorted and looking more human ...

... we went to the vintage warehouse COW. Which I must say is very nicely laid out - and all at a reasonable price too. Definitely worth a visit if your ever up that way. AND can be found on Digbeth. We then proceeded to visit the infamous Rag Market where we picked up some flouro lipstick and vestie tops. Did a tour of St Martin's Church which had some beautiful architectural features and you immediately felt in awe and at peace insides it's cavernous walls. We were var glad indeed that we paid it a visit.

We then did a circuit of the Bull Ring popping into Selfridges and trying on perfumes and designer shoes and stroking amazingly luxurious handbags. Then it was off to Wagamama for lunch and then we realised we had hours left until we could start to actually party - so what to d0 - then I recalled one of the main reasons I wanted to come to Birmingham (besides just having a break from my beautiful London) and that was to visit Birmingham Gallery and Museum. But alas it had closed by 5pm. Which did throw us, as we had wanted to catch some culture. So instead we grabbed a map and headed off into town. Brends was delighted by Urban Outfitters where she had a little heart flurry over some shoes and me a book on the late and great McQueen. OOH and we also popped into Primark where I picked up a superman tee (in fact I'm wearing it now - I'll take a quick pic). Primark did also prove to be another blessing in disguise as we learnt there was a cinema to help us waste some hours. So off we strolled through Birmingham City Centre and when we got there Gainsborough (a French film) was showing. So not so much a timw waster after all. So squealing with excitement we bought tubs of sweeties (I was thrilled beyond belief to find some jelly fried eggs) and sat down to watch the film. I'll do a separate post on Gainsborough, as it deserves one - if only for being French.
By the time it was finished it was now 9pm and a suitable time to begin the nights festivities. And off in the cinema toilets I freshened up, applied me make-up and we set off into the night.
And what a brilliant night it was it involved ending up in a screamo bar, a touch or two of Kopperburg in O'Neill and then after being personally invited by two young men to an outside, underground rave called Zombie Prom. We had a jolly good jig, my flouro lipstick began to sparkle and had our picture taken for someone else's blog. How very befitting. And one of the two fine young men James had also been Benicassim this year so we had a little moment over our shared festival adventures.

And so it was done, we skipped off to find some food, had a lot of giggles and then panicked as we thought we might miss our coach - ran to the coach station and fell dead asleep until we arrived back in London.

Phew what a post and what a super sharp time we had as well.


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